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Paintings Recorded South Africa World Cup Classic Moments

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

World-Cup-Painting-01World Cup Classic Moments

South Africa World Cup Classic Moments of art works are joint created by “Adidas World Cup 2010 Artist Team“, including the artists Paul Junior Kasemwana and Espoir Kennedy, this two talented artists and African local cutting-edge artists created together in Johannesburg South Africa. Handmade¬† Paintings Online Gallery

World-Cup-Painting-02world cap painting 02

They looked for exciting scene from the course everyday, and then through their brush recorded these wonderful moments by the history, such as: wonderful goals and excellent penalty kick, happy the cheering and bitter the failure, personal flash moment and team glory moment, these historic moments were all recorded by these artists. Famous paintings reproductions Online

World-Cup-Painting-03world cap painting 03

Now these precious of art works can be available by, welcome football fans to order them!

World-Cup-Painting-04world cap painting 04

World-Cup-Painting-05world cap painting 05

World-Cup-Painting-06world cap painting06

World-Cup-Painting-07world cap painting 07

World-Cup-Painting-08world cap painting 08

World-Cup-Painting-09world cap painting 09

World-Cup-Painting-10world cap painting 10

World-Cup-Painting-11world cap painting 11

World-Cup-Painting-12world cap painting 12

World-Cup-Painting-13world cap painting 13

World-Cup-Painting-14world cap painting 14

World-Cup-Painting-15world cap painting 15

World-Cup-Painting-16world cap painting 16