Landscape Paintings The Forest at Pontaubert

The Forest at Pontaubert was painted by Georges Seurat in 1881. Seurat spent two months in the late summer and early fall of 1881 in Pontaubert, a village in the Cousin Valley southeast of Paris frequented by Daubigny, Corot, and other Barbizon artists.
The visit inspired this “sous-bois” or forest glade, which Seurat probably completed the following winter in the studio he shared with his traveling companion and former Ecole des Beaux-Arts schoolmate Aman-Jean. It shows his technique just before he developed Pointillism.

This painting can be reproduced on canvas by Original Dimensions: Height: 79.1 cm, Width: 62.5 cm. Other sizes and custom sizes are available, if you are interested, please visit our site or contact us at email: .

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